3D Theatre/ 4D Theatre

A 3D movie theatre for everyone ...
and stunning sensory effects
to enter in the 4th dimension!

3DYNAMIC designs and installs theaters from few seats to hundreds, considering, for each case, the most appropriate 3D projection and multi-phonic audio diffusion equipments.

The 3D Theatre is conceived for a simple and easy operation by a non-specialized personnel, via a touch screen located in the theatre.

By adding sensory effects synchronized to the 3D film, the 3D Theatre is transformed into a 4D Theatre.

Light, smoke, wind effects, aromas, snow effect, or any other sensory effect in relationship with the scenario, add an extra dimension to the projection of the 3D film. The sensory effects being automated, the exploitation of the 4D Theatre is as simple and easy as the exploitation of the 3D Theatre.

The sessions can be handled by an operator and/or automated according to your opening hours and operating criteria.

5D Dark-Ride
5D Dark-Ride
5D Dark-Ride
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