5D DX-25 Theatre

Embark on the “DX-25” dynamic simulator
and enjoy an unforgettable experience!

3DYNAMIC designs and manufactures the 3 axis “DX-25” simulator with a capacity of 25 seats. The “DX-25” is equipped with pneumatic actuators allowing dynamic and flexible movements suiting all publics.

The simulator is conceived with a very reliable technology for a long lasting operation.

The movements of the simulator, the special effects, the multi-phonic audio diffusion synchronized with the 3D film projection, create a complete sensory environment and give the spectator strong and surprising sensations.

Theming of the “DX-25” simulator is available on demand.

3DYNAMIC will extend annually the film library with new educative and recreational 3D films.

5D Dark-Ride

5D Theatre DX-25: technical information

Dark-Ride agencement
Dark-Ride agencement
Dark-Ride agencement
Technical specifications
Length Width Height Weight (empty)
4 100 mm / 13,45 ft 3 600 mm / 11,81 ft 2 000 mm / 6,56 ft 3 500 Kg / 7 716,17 lb

Forward-Backward / Right-Left / Up-Down

4 speeds: High Speed - Fast - Medium - Slow
Acceleration up to 3G

RANGE: 350 mm / 1, 15 ft

"In-Theatre” Special effects


pluie brumisation

Hot Wind
Cold Wind

Water Spray


pluie brumisation pluie pluie
Aromas Smoke Bubbles Audio &
lighting effects


Salle 5D Dark-Ride amenagement

Layout of
a 5D THEATRE “DX-25” 25 seats.

Typical theatre dimensions.

  25 places
Length 10 m / 32,81 ft
Width 6.5 m / 21,33 ft
Height (free height) 4 m / 13,12 ft
Screen size 6.5 m x 3.70 m / 21,33 ft x 12,14 ft

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