4D Virtual Aquarium

The underwater world as you never approach!

3DYNAMIC has designed and implemented the 4D Virtual Aquarium consisting of multiple 3D projection screens to discover all the underwater species, from the most microscopic to the more imposing.

The 4D Virtual Aquarium allows to show, in 3D, submarine living creatures that you will never see in a traditional aquarium, from the breathtaking whale to the species of great depths.

They are all there, so close you can touch them!

Sensory effects are coupled to the 3D films projections.

Each 4D Virtual Aquarium is unique, created to match your space and your budget..

5D Dark-Ride
croquis amenagement2 plan Al-Shallal
Studies and plans
maquette 1 maquette 2
4D show
Stargate tete de lion
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