5D Dark-Ride

An innovative attraction
conceived for medium size areas,
offering high performance and immersive sensations
up to major parks level.

Due to its experience in the audiovisual and simulation field, 3DYNAMIC remakes the classical ghost train, proposing a completely original new concept.
5D DARK RIDE combines a mobile platform and decors produced by 3D projection images, matched with sensory effects, “In-Theatre” audio & light special effects and multi-phonic audio diffusion.

The platform moves forward and backward on a rail and rotates by 360°. The standard length of the rail is around 15 meters. The forward, backward and rotation movements give the illusion of a longer course. The unprecedented and unique combination of the various multi-sensory sensations plunges the spectator in a world without point of reference. Immersed in action, you live an astounding adventure.

The use of 3D images for the decor gives a great flexibility allowing a quick and economical renewal of the theming.

5D Dark-Ride
rotationinclinaisonHaut BasHaut Bas
360° Rotation
Right and Left
Up and down
Forward and Backward

5D Dark-Ride: technical information

Dark-Ride agencement
Dark-Ride agencement
Dark-Ride agencement
Technical specifications
Length Width Height Weight
4200 mm / 13,78 ft 3200 mm / 10,5 ft 2000 mm / 6,5 ft 3500 kg / 7 716,17 lb
4D Seats Movements
Forward - Backward / Right - Left / Up - Down

SPEED OF MOVEMENTS: 3 SPEEDS: Fast - Medium - Slow

RANGE OF MOVEMENTS: 100 mm / 0,33 ft

Platform Movements
Forward-Backward on a 15 meters rail (49, 21 ft rail) - 360° Rotation

Speed: 2 m / s (6,56 ft / s) - Acceleration/Deceleration: Up to 3G

Sensory Effects


Water Spray pluie pluie vibrations
Water Spray

Hot Wind
Cold Wind

Leg Ticklers Vibrations


pluie pluie brumisation pluie pluie
Aromas Smoke Bubbles Lighting and
Sound effects


Salle 5D Dark-Ride amenagement

of a "5D DARK-RIDE”
equipped with its 12 seats platform.

Typical theatre dimensions.

Length 22 m / 72.18 ft
Width 12 m / 39.37 ft
Height (free height) 5.5 m / 18.05 ft
Screen size 7.5 m x 4.20 m / 24.61 x 13.78 ft


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