5D Theatre DX-7

on the new 5D “DX-7” platform
to live a thrilling experience!

The 5D Theatre DX-7 is designed and manufactured in France.
It is especially conceived to be installed in any sites where space is limited as in shopping malls or Indoor Family Entertainment Centers.

The 5D Theatre DX-7 comprises a dynamic platform of 7 seats specially designed for both children and adults, a 3D HD projection system based on 2 HD video projectors, a multi-channel high output sound system.

Like all 3DYNAMIC attractions, the 5D Theatre DX-7 has utmost quality, safety components in respect of standard European regulations, great reliability, ultra-low maintenance and operation costs.

As film library is essential for having a successful experience, 3DYNAMIC is producing and distributing a choice of high quality 3D films.
Thanks to our partnership with major film distributors and producers The Juice and Wow Factor companies, 3DYNAMIC enlarges the offer to meet with any requirements.

5D Dark-Ride

Dark-Ride agencement
Dark-Ride agencement

Motion base "DX 7" is based on compressed air technology.
4 pneumatics jacks (actuators) allow adjustable movements with great flexibility and precision.
Based on 15 years of successful experience, these actuators are maintenance free and fully reliable.
Combination of multiple pressure system with long stroke actuators allows a wide range of movements' velocity and large angle inclinations.

Projection system is based on Full HD (1920 x 1080) video projectors.
3DYNAMIC has selected DLP technology which provides best contrast and colors.
These projectors are designed for more than 10 hours daily service.

Dark-Ride agencement
Dark-Ride agencement

Each seat is equipped with a safety belt for better safety and comfort.
Seats are tailored for all viewers (kids and adults) and may be color customized according to operator choice.
Safety belts are connected to an occupancy sensor linked to the show controller.
In the event of belt unlocked during the show, the platform will stop and land until incident sorted out.

The whole show is managed by our proprietary show control system. It monitors video projection, sound system, motion control, theater lights (dimmer off/on), safety devices. Touch Control interface allows operator to select film and motion velocity: smoother for kids or stiffer for teens and adults.

Dark-Ride agencement
Dark-Ride agencement

The entire set up is housed in an indoor stand-alone inflatable structure installed in the pavilion.
The turn key all in one does not require specific partition. In order to fit in limited space, the overall dimensions are extremely tight: Length. 6 m ; Widht. 5 m ; Height. 4 m.
It meets all European safety regulations and is certified by conformity assessment bureau such as Socotec/TUV.
The inflatable cabin is fully customizable with graphics, logos…
A long life sound proofed electric blower ensures appropriate air pressure to keep the structure upstand.

LED light bars are fitted on the platform and access.
The operator may change the light colors and lighting process manually or automatically.
Moreover, LED colors can be synchronized with the film to enhance the audience immersive experience.

Salle 5D Dark-Ride amenagement
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