Expert in 3D / 4D systems

A complete offer of products and services

3DYNAMIC offers you its nearly twenty years of expertise in design, scenography, manufacturing and implementation of 4D equipments, 3D films projection, special effects and dynamic simulators.

3DYNAMIC automated “turn key” attractions, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, considers all aspects of your project: budget, planning, installation on site, conformity, training and maintenance.

Design / Theming

Your project needs the design of a customized attraction?

3DYNAMIC, internally or in collaboration with your set designer, studies, performs and installs an exclusive attraction conforms to your expectations.


All fulfillment steps of the attraction, since the technical feasibility study up to the installation and commissioning of equipments, are carried out within the permanent respect of quality, deadlines and budget.

The main steps:

  • Realisation of technical drawings in collaboration with your architect or your responsible work.
  • Manufacturing and assembly of equipment, tests.
  • Crating and shipping.
  • On-site installation by our technical teams.
  • Training of your exploitation & maintenance personnel.
  • Administrative follow up until completion and opening.

Customer Support

3DYNAMIC, designs its equipments in a permanent logic of reliability, low maintenance costs and ease of exploitation by a non-specialized personnel.
At the end of the installation, the Operating & Maintenance Manual of the attraction is given to your technical responsible and the training of your staff is effected by our technicians.

The maintenance of the attraction is foreseen to be effected by your technical team.
On request, we can establish a personalized maintenance contract.
We provide a follow-up by phone or by e-mail in order to respond to all your needs.

Our attractions are guaranteed one year parts and labor.
A warranty extension is negotiable on request.

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